A line graph showing rapid increase in google search impressions for letmoplay.com.

Case Study: Let MO Play - A Digital Marketing and SEO Success Story in Missouri

At PG Insights, we excel in providing affordable SEO services and nurturing businesses from their infancy to robust growth. One of our standout success stories is Let MO Play, a social media platform and website advocating for sports betting legalization in Missouri.

The Challenge

Just six months ago, Let MO Play was a fledgling entity in need of local digital marketing solutions. They needed to carve out a strong online presence, amass followers, and forge partnerships with local businesses and larger social media pages. Additionally, they needed to make their website search engine friendly and devise an effective email marketing strategy.

Our Approach

  • Website Building and SEO: We crafted a user-friendly, affordable local website for Let MO Play and fine-tuned it for search engines, leading to a 500% surge in Google impressions within the first 60 days of optimization.
  • Social Media and Partnerships: We propelled Let MO Play to amass thousands of social media followers and establish partnerships with influential local businesses, such as Mac's in Downtown Alton for the Kentucky Derby. We also brokered partnerships with larger social media pages and podcasts to offer promotional items.
  • Email Marketing: We devised an effective email marketing strategy for Let MO Play, resulting in a substantial increase in their newsletter subscribers.

The Results

Our collaboration with Let MO Play yielded remarkable results. In less than six months, they gained thousands of social media followers, hundreds of email subscribers, and established robust partnerships with local businesses and larger social media entities. The surge in Google impressions stands as a testament to our effective SEO strategies.


This case study of Let MO Play underscores the potential of effective website building, SEO, and digital marketing strategies. At PG Insights, we are dedicated to helping our clients replicate this success. As a top-rated digital marketing agency in St. Charles County, we offer high-quality yet affordable websites and digital marketing services. Reach out to us today to discover how we can help your business flourish.

Digital Advertising Tidbits

A graph showing digital marketing spend on social media increase from less that 100 billion per year in 2005 to over 300 billion per year in 2023, overtaking digital marketing spending through traditional search engine methods.
Social Media Advertising

For the first time ever, social media advertising is expected to surpass paid search engine advertising in 2023. Let us show you how to get the most out of your money in an extremely fast-paced environment.

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