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Affordable Email Marketing Packages

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At PG Insights, we specialize in crafting powerful and effective email marketing strategies, thoughtfully tailored to meet the needs of small businesses in St. Charles, Missouri, and the neighboring areas. Our profound understanding of the unique pulse and essence of local businesses enables us to address the digital challenges they face with precision and expertise.

Our email marketing services are not just about sending emails; they are about creating meaningful connections with your audience. We focus on designing newsletters and email ads that echo your brand’s goals and values, ensuring that your messages are not just seen, but resonate with your audience, fostering engagement and conversions.

  • Subscriber List Management : Starts at $19.99/mo

  • Newsletter or Ad Design : $99

  • Email Capture Landing Page : $299

  • Single-Service Email Marketing Campaign : Contact Us

  • Full-Service Email Marketing Packages : Contact Us

  • All prices "starting at"

Cost-Effective Email Marketing Services

Our mission is more than business—it’s a passion. We aim to reignite the innovative spark and passion that fueled your entrepreneurial journey. Remember the exhilaration and anticipation when you first stepped into the business world? The complexities and demands of the digital realm shouldn’t overshadow those initial feelings of excitement. We are here to help you preserve that initial enthusiasm and navigate through the digital landscape with confidence, assurance, and ease.

By teaming up with PG Insights, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of email marketing services designed to optimize your online presence and deliver tangible, measurable results. Our team of seasoned experts collaborates closely with you to devise strategies that are in perfect alignment with your unique business objectives and resonate with your target audience.

Our Services:

Newsletter or Email Ad Design : How can our creative design services elevate your email marketing campaigns? We go beyond conventional design norms to craft visually appealing, content-rich newsletters and email ads that reflect your brand’s personality and values. Our designs are not just about aesthetics; they are about creating a visual narrative that aligns with your audience's preferences and expectations, ensuring higher open rates and engagement. By leveraging our creative prowess, you can convey your brand stories more effectively, creating a lasting impression in the minds of your customers and followers.

Subscriber List Management : Our subscriber list management service is more than just organizing email addresses; it’s about optimizing your audience engagement strategy. We offer landing page and email capture services to help you build and manage a robust subscriber list, ensuring maximum exposure for your brand. We analyze subscriber behavior, segment lists, and tailor content to suit diverse audience needs, maximizing the impact of your email campaigns. Whether you are a budding local business or an established entity, our subscriber list management services are designed to cater to your specific needs, helping you optimize your email marketing ROI.

Single-Service Email Marketing Campaigns : Propel your brand message with our specialized single-service email marketing campaigns, designed to target specific audience segments with precision. Whether it’s a product launch, promotional offer, or an event invitation, we craft compelling campaigns that evoke interest and drive action. Our data-driven approach ensures that every campaign is aligned with your brand values and business goals, delivering measurable results and enhanced brand recall. Choose our single-service campaigns to experience the synergy of creativity and strategy, and witness a significant uplift in your brand engagement and conversion rates.

Full-Service Email Marketing Packages : Experience the convenience and efficacy of our full-service email marketing packages, designed to manage your email marketing endeavors from conception to execution. We take care of everything, from designing captivating emails to managing subscriber lists, sending emails, and analyzing campaign performance. Our all-encompassing approach ensures that your email marketing strategy is cohesive, consistent, and conducive to your business growth. Trust our expertise to navigate the email marketing landscape effectively and achieve unparalleled success in your digital outreach efforts.

Affiliate Marketing Email Campaigns : If you aspire to escalate your affiliate marketing endeavors, we are poised to guide you through the multifaceted world of digital marketing. Our team has achieved notable success in crafting strategies that resonate with a broad spectrum of audiences, focusing on those who value authenticity and reliability. We pride ourselves on our flexible and innovative approach, allowing us to tailor our services to accommodate a wide range of affiliate products and diverse market needs.

Our services are flexible, customizable, and scalable, catering to both small businesses and growing enterprises. Contact us today wih more information about your affiliate offerings to see how we can help!

Why Choose Us?

At PG Insights, we understand the difficulties of running a small business - we are one! Confronting the vast, ever-changing digital landscape while trying to run a business can be intimidating. Let us help. We offer personalized, affordable email marketing services for your small business, with a steadfast commitment to your growth. We believe in the power of local entrepreneurship and strive to deliver digital solutions that help you connect with the community and achieve your business objectives.

Let’s Build Together:

Join us in creating digital experiences that resonate with your audience. Explore our Digital Marketing Services and let us help you make a lasting impression in the digital world.

Email Marketing Service Includes Options
1 Newsletter/Ad Design Up to 4 sections Additional sections $20
2 Subscriber List Management Database Creation/Maintenance Customizeable - Pricing Varies
3 Singe-Service Email Campaign (1) Ad/Newsletter Designed and Delivered Contact Us
4 Full-Service Email Campaigns Optimize Your Email Marketing Contact Us

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